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About me

I am a clothing designer and artist using upcycling and craft techniques, based in West Yorkshire. I co-design and facilitate projects partnering with organisations with arts, social and environmental purposes. I repurpose deadstock, materials that would otherwise go to waste, and responsibly source materials to create bespoke clothing and for use in workshops and resources.


My mission is to reduce over-consumption through sustainable design, creative upcycling and repair of existing clothing and textiles. I’m keen to work more with underrepresented groups to help build entrepreneurship skills, confidence and quality of life through money saving upcycling, creative clothing repairs and the wellbeing aspect of making.



Education, Experience and Ambition

After graduating from Leeds University with a BA Hons in Fashion Design in 2012 I started my career as a Buyer for a Fair Trade retailer. The skills gained in retail and shop management gave me the confidence to create and sell my own branded clothing collections and work on my freelance career. I have also enjoyed volunteering in my spare time, supporting arts and crafts projects, social purpose groups and practical conservation projects in nature.

I am keen to develop my creative practise further and collaborate with multiple disciplines to play an active role in creating a kinder, more creative and fairer world to live in.

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