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Everything is designed and made in the UK

Materials are sourced from local textiles manufacturers- supplying deadstock materials, charity shops, donated materials, waste centres and sustainable fabric suppliers. Sustainable fabric suppliers include those who offer artisan made, organic, fair trade, fairly traded and recycled materials.


Suppliers follow ethical guidelines with their maker’s welfare, community and the natural environment in mind. Where possible local materials and resources are used. Materials and products aim to be re-used, re-useable and recycled to minimise waste and strive to work in a circular way. A selection of pieces are made using zero waste patterns as a way to avoid waste almost completely. All correspondence, swing tags and promotional materials are printed on fsc (forest management certified) or recycled paper.


All can return faulty products or services to be repaired, renegotiated or refunded. All returned items will be fixed or repurposed to avoid sending them to landfill. This encourages lower consumption and extends the life of products as much as possible. Building positive relationships with social purpose communities and organisations is important, sharing knowledge, skills and learning encourages more sustainable and valuable outcomes.

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